How to Make Cricket Bat Powerful

Raw Linseed Oil

The first thing that needs to be done for a cricket bat is oil it with raw linseed oil. The bat should not be oiled with any other type of oil or with boiled linseed oil, it will not have the same effect.

The raw linseed oil will help the fibers in the cricket bat bind together, this will improve the performance of the bat and prevent the bat from cracking when knocking the cricket bat in.

Place the linseed oil on a clean rag and rub a teaspoon of oil into the face of the bat. Do not over oil the bat. The bat will change color to become slightly darker. The toe and handle of the bat should not be oiled and there is no need to oil the back of the bat.

Let the bat dry facing up with the oil on it for a full 24 hours and then repeat the process 2 more times.

Knocking in the Cricket Bat

Use a specifically designed wooden mallet to knock in your cricket bat. Make an initial indent by knocking in one spot. Start off by knocking the spot gently and then knock with more force. Do not smash the bat with all your power, you should be holding the bat in one hand and knocking with the other to feel the ping on the face of the bat. Continue to knock in the entire surface of the cricket bat until the blade is level with the initial indent that was made with the initial knock.

The process takes about 6 hours and it does not need to be done in one shot, it can be spread out over a number of days. The edge of the bat should be knocked in where the face of the bat meets the edge. The back of the bat should not be knocked in and neither should the handle.

Bat Face Adhesive Protector

Once the bat has been correctly oiled and correctly knocked in, a bat face protective cover can be placed. This is a very specific type of material to fit the face of the bat and should be purchased from an online cricket store. It is important to take care when placing the adhesive down to get it in the perfect position on the bat. It is also important to take note that the adhesive cover should not be placed on the bat before oiling or knocking in. The oiling and knocking in will then be rendered largely useless.

Toe Guard

If the cricket bat purchased does not come with a toe guard that has been fitted as standard then it would be important to fit a toe guard onto the cricket bat. Toe guards could also be purchased from a trusted online seller of cricket equipment. The toe guard can be applied using super glue. A toe guard is an essential item in ensuring that moisture does not seep into the willow through the toe of the bat.

md: Before using a cricket bat there is a process necessary to prepare the cricket bat for use, include oiling with linseed oil and knocking the cricket bat it.

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